Best online format for InfoSec trainings
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Advanced Security Training offers the best online format for InfoSec trainings.
Our state of the art Live Video Streaming Platform combined with our world-renowned trainers mean participants get the most interactive, high-quality trainings that are superior to in-person classes.
About us
State of the Art Content and Platform
Advanced Security Training is revolutionizing training delivery with our state of the art video streaming and training platform to offer unique insights and even more depth than an in-person class at a client location.
The Best Trainings by the Best Trainers
Advanced Security Training has a thorough selection process through which courses are selected. All of our courses are thoroughly vetted and we make sure that all of our trainers are well-renowned industry leaders.
Interactive and Hands-On
Advanced Security Trainings are designed to be interactive with several hands-on assignments included as part of every one of our courses. We're proud to say that our courses consistently get over 95% Positive feedback from participants.
The Most Advanced Training Formats
Advanced Security Training offers several online formats including live trainings, recorded trainings and self-paced courses. All of our formats are built from the ground up to utilize all the features of our advanced video and streaming platforms.
How It's Done
We use professional, studio-grade video equipment to achieve the best possible broadcast quality and provide participants a full HD stream. Our streams are more like Twitch and less like a boring Zoom conference.

The Advanced Security Training Online Platform allows participants to play, pause, rewind and rewatch streams at their convenience on any device.

Broadcasting from our labs means we can show the image from a microscope, the screen of our oscilloscopes or even solder or modify a PCB live on stream.
Applied Glitching of Real-World Hardware Targets
Highlights of an InfoSec training streamed live.
Our Focus Areas
Security Verification
Participants learn how to verify the security of hardware and software products and identify vulnerabilities.
Emerging Technologies
Participants get brought up to speed on the latest technologies including including IoT, ICS, Cloud, blockchain and more.
Security Engineering
Participants learn how to mitigate certain types of analysis and design software and systems that are more resilient to attacks in the field.
Security Awareness
Interactive security awareness trainings for teaching critical security concepts ranging from Phishing Awareness to Secure Development Lifecycles to large organizations.
From Security Basics
To Advanced Attacks
Whether you're looking to onboard new engineering hires or re-train or re-qualify engineers from another department. Or you want to be sure your senior engineers are familiar with the latest classes of attacks and threats to your products and services.
Understanding basic attacks and methodologies against platforms and products
Complex methodologies and processes for integration into a Secure Development Lifecycle
Methodologies and defences to effectively identify issues and mitigate attacks.
Bleeding edge attacks and the latest methodologies against products and platforms.
Over 95% of Positive Feedback
Participant Feedback. 24 June 2020:

"Advanced Security Training was great for me and my team. It's rare to see a training that, within a few days, teaches the practical techniques to actually hack common devices AND the background concepts to understand what you're doing and why it works."
Meet Some of Our Trainers
Dmitry Nedospasov
Dmitry is a hardware hacker, hardware design engineer, security researcher, speaker, and reverse-engineerer. Dmitry did his PhD in the field of IC security and PUFs.
Thomas Roth
Thomas is best known for his attacks on embedded devices. His research focuses on mobile and embedded systems with published research on TrustZone, payment terminals, and embedded security.
Josh Datko
Josh Datko is an embedded systems engineer, security researcher and former submarine officer. Josh is best known for his part in the NSA Playset, as well as his research into cryptocurrency wallets.
Patrick Ventuzelo
Patrick is a security researcher focused on fuzzing, reverse engineering and vulnerability research. He reasearch focuses on WebAssembly and Rust security as well as blockchain forensics.
Sébastien Dudek
Sébastien is a security researcher focusing on flaws in radio-communication systems. He has published attacks against mobile device baseband, Power-Line devices, as well as
intercom systems.

Fabian Fässler
Fabian is a web and smartphone penetration tester. He is best known for his LiveOverflow YouTube channel and is one of the leading independent security educators in the world.
Upcoming Trainings
March 16 — 19
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM US EST
March 16 — 19
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM US EST
Introduction to Hardware Hacking and Reverse-Engineering
Trainer: Josh Datko
Learn the basics of Hardware, Hardware Protocols, Hardware Hacking, Embedded Security and Reverse-Engineering
March 23 – March 24
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM Europe CET
March 23 – March 24
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM Europe CET
Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
Trainer: Dmitry Nedospasov, Ph.D.
Learn the basics of working with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) using Xilnix 7-Series FPGAs.
March 30 – March 31
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM US EST
March 30 – March 31
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM US EST
Introduction to Secure Elements and Hardware Authentication
Trainer: Josh Datko
Learn how to add a secure element to your design to enable device-to-cloud authentication, firmware protection, and custom PKIs with the Microchip CryptoAuthentication series.
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Intro to FPGAs, FPGA Security and Hardware Hacking with FPGAs | AS.T Podcast Episode 2
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